The Hands of an Angel touched my Heart!

I woke up the morning of November 6, 2017 and realized that 50 years this day, I woke up in hospital groggy and disorientated.  I didn’t know why. I knew that something was to happen. Why am I here? I thought.  I think I’m sick, but I feel fine.  I fall back asleep, I wake again, the walls are moving.  I hear voices.  They are unrecognizable.  I see everything in a haze.  I’m frightened.  I doze off again.  I wake again.  Is this a dream? Where are my parents? They must be here!  They have to be here!  They wouldn’t leave me????  Would they?  My birthday is coming, I’ll be five this year, I think…I doze off again…

I wake up minutes later more groggy more disoriented, but this time my chest feels heavy.  I’m in a plastic tent.  I hear voices.  The air is clean.  It smells funny, but clean.  Through the plastic, I see my parents. I think they’re my parents.  They’re wearing gloves, masks, and gowns. I fall back asleep…

Unknown to me at the time, but obvious today…that the hands of an angel had touched my heart.

This is all I remember from this day 50 years ago at Sickkids, known then as the Hospital for Sick Children.  An Atrial-Septal defect repair was performed that day. Routine surgery today, but 50 years ago it was being pioneered by the world-renowned Surgeon Dr. William Mustard.

The Hands of an Angel touched My Heart!

Dr. Mustard and his team gave me a chance at life.  I am and will always remain eternally grateful for him, and the staff at Sickkids. Not to mention the parents who reared him, the teachers who taught him, the mentors who groomed him, and the colleagues that challenged him to make a difference.

Forever grateful!